Karolina Westenhoff is a graphic designer and visual communicator based in Stockholm, Sweden. She holds a Ma from School of Design and Crafts in Göteborg and has for 15+ years been working as an independent designer, with clients mainly from the cultural and art sector.
She has a special fascination for designing and customising type and letters, which have been used for brand identities, posters, book-covers, social media content etc.
She has also been producing several concepts and identities for exhibitions within the design field.
Karolina has a very strong interest in social design. She is a proud member of the design activistic group Omforma – New structures for the design industry, together with Kerstin Sylwan and Jenny Stefansfotter Stentoft. Omforma wants to bring about social change for the design profession. Ultimately even for the users of the products that are the result of a designer’s practice. Their work include politics, research and conversations. Focusing on making people’s working life more feminist, anti-racist, intersectional and inclusive.
Karolina has also worked for several years as a cultural project leader. She has worked with cultural political issues, lobbying, seminars and initiating projects within visual communication, aiming to make designers work conditions better as well as making the profession more visible in public space.
In her artistic practice she has been conducting and inititating cutting edge projects within graphic design in public space. She is also working with and exhibiting large collages, which delas with the fine border of trash end design.  Among lots of other things.
Karolina is a guest lecturer at Linnaeus University in the programmes Ba Design + Change and Ba Visual Communication + Change and has also worked as a lecturer at Konstfack in Stockholm, as well as a guest lecturer at Beckmans Designskola and Forsbergs Designskola. She is also a member of the Artist run gallery Candyland in Stockholm.
Work grant, Graphic design, The Swedish Arts Committee, 2021
Grant for book project, Estrid Ericsons Stiftelse, 2019
Grant for book project, Längmanska kulturfonden, 2015
Grant for book project, Stiftelsen Albert Ekman för bokkonst, 2012
Workshops, seminars, talks and lectures:
Seminar: Beställardagen/Event for commissioning independent visual communication at Hyper Island, Stockholm, 2023. Producer commissioned by Illustratörcentrum 
Seminar: Beställardagen/Event for commissioning independent visual communication at Röhsska Muséet, Museum of design and craft, Göteborg, 2023. Producer, commissioned by Illustratörcentrum 
 Lecture Form/Design Center in Malmö about work with visual communicationin the project Makt/Egenmakt (2018) 
Workshop at HDK Design Week, Post Waste Graphic Design,guest Matilda Plöjel, 2018 
Talk together with poet Björner Torsson at Rönnells Antikvariat (about the art book project Slumpen, 2017)
 Lecture and workshop at Kulturverkstan on fees for graphic designers (2017) 
Workshops, seminars, talks and lectures with Omforma:
Lecture: Design and the urban norm. Together with Sanna Bodén Design Talks by the Swedish Design Society. 2021 
Lecture: Design and the urban norm. "That's how it works - a sustainable society through design" by, among others, Svensk Form, Region Dalarna and Region Jämtland Härjedalen. 2021
 Lecture at HDK-Steneby about Omforma's work, 2021 
Lecture at Konstfack about Omforma's work, 2020 
Lecture and workshop on Cultural and Creative Industries for the artistic practitioners and politicians at the weaving mill in Uddebo, 2020 
Exhibition and seminar, Gotlands Kulturrum (special focus on rural norm) 2020 
Exhibition and Seminar, Round Table Conversation at the Institute for Contemporary Ideas and Art 2020
 Lecture and power/empoweerment workshop at design week in Dalarna (2019) 
Lecture at Rian Design Museum (2019) 
Lecture at Stockholm Furniture Fair (2019) 
Lecture and workshop at the Design Center in Östersund (2018) 
Lecture at HDK Design Week (2018)
Commissions of trust
Guest Curator at Candyland Gallery, 2023
Member of jury, graphic design, Swedish Design Awards, 2020
Member of board, ADA, the network for design and architecture in Göteborg, 2019–2021
Member of board, section for Graphic design, Svenska Tecknare,  2018–2020

Photo:  Dan Kendall

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